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We have a range of associates from countries in eastern europe to asia, with whom we work to deliver quality services. We regularly attend book-fair from frankfurt to delhi, along with hosting an annual exhibition for libraries and readers. This, face-to-face communication with regional suppliers, publishers and readers allows to gauge their tastes and requirements.


Assistance in the transition, setup, testing, and support for EDI Services

Star Books UK supports the exchange of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for serials invoices, claims, and orders with a variety of Library Management Systems using industry standards as well as proprietary formats.

We continuously work with Library System Vendors to test new releases and interfaces as they become available. In addition, we are committed to implementing new interfaces as the demand dictates.


A full-range of options from simple to complex, you choose the level necessary to receive materials tailored for your library.

We supplement our professional cataloging staff with a team of highly trained paraprofessional catalogers, all of whom received training from professional librarians. Our staff supports 39 languages in multiple formats.


With more than 25 years of experience in library automation including, cataloging and classification services in all types of libraries throughout the World, Star Books UK is the most reliable partner for all your technical processing needs for your entire collections.

In addition to providing MARC records for your newly acquired collection, We also shelve-ready these collections with security tag insertion, spin labeling, library stamp, book cover jack, item creation, and much more.


Star Books UK seek to partner with vendors that meet or exceed the scope of work. In addition, we evaluate vendor submissions based on pre-determined criteria and ability to meet the following:

  • Satisfactory quantity and Quality
  • Price & Service
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Supplier Past history
  • Facilities and Technical strength
  • Reputation and Labour relations
  • Procedural Compliance
  • Communications and Location


Our expert translators incorporate cultural nuances in translations to make the content relevant for local audiences while retaining the original meaning and style. With linguistic and subject expertise, our translators are equipped to handle all complex book lists to deliver a superior quality output. We only assign translators who are masters in creative writing, understand the publishing process, and possess the cultural sensitivity to ensure that the translated version reflects what the author wanted.


We can provide solution for works like a virtual librarian, managing your library’s budget, making purchasing decisions, overseeing subscription renewals, managing communication of library resources, and providing day-to-day search assistance and support to staff and library patrons.

Clients can choose the type of library support they need, and we customizes our services to fit each client’s unique educational needs and library goals.