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Title The Concept Of Man In Sikhism
Author Lajwanti Lahori
Year 2001
Binding HB
ISBN 8121500168, 9788121500166
'wonders Are Many But None More Wonderful Than Man.' Great Indeed Is Man; It Appears That The Macrocosm Is In The Microcosm Of Man's Body. He Is An Old And Eternal Philosophical Problem, Which Has Always Been A Challenge To Thinkers. The Author In Her Present Work Carries Out An In-Depth Study Of The Sikh Scriptures With A View To Present A Systematic Exposition Of The Concept Of Man In Sikhism. After Presenting A Brief Account Of The Sikh History And Philosophy, She Set Forth The Sikh Views Covering Various Dimensions And Aspects Of Man, Viz. Nature And Constitution Of Man; His Position In Relation To God, Universe And Society; Purpose Of His Existence, And Attainment Of Summum Bonum. According To The Sikh View, Man Is An Integral Unity Of Matter, Like, Mind And Spirit. He Is The Central Figure In The Universe. Because Spirit And Self-Consciousness Is Fundamental In Him, He Alone Has The Capacity Of Freeing Himself From Matter And Mind, And Of Involution Leading To The Focus Of His Being. His Infinite Creative Power And His Capacity To Deepen His Inwardness Endows Him With The Potentiality To Realise The Absolute Within. Sikhism Advocates A Simple Technique Of Nam Marga Which Aims At Turning The Outward Flow Of Mind Towards The Inward Deeper And Deeper Reality Culminating In Spiritual Experience Of The Ultimate.according To The Sikh Thought The Perfect Man Is The One Who Attains To The Self-Realisation And Thereafter Leads A Spiritual Life Which Is Neither Fixed Nor Stagnant, But Fluid, Active, Creative And Altruistic Helping Others To Attain To The Self-Realisation And Thus Build A Society In Which Social Life And Ethics Are Based On The Belief That All Creatures Are Same In Essence. The Author Carries Out An In-Depth Philosophical Analysis Of The Above Issues Concerning Man And Gives Them A Detailed Exposure. This Book Would Prove To Be Of Great Interest To Common Man In Quest Of Truth About Man As Well As To The Students Of Philosophy, Particularly, Philosophy Of Religion. Contents Preface Chap. I : A Brief History And Philosophy Of The Sikh Religion : 1. Introduction 2. Brief History Of The Sikhs 3. Sri Guru Granth Sahib 4. Philosophy Of The Sikh Religion 5. Summary Chap. Ii : Nature Of Man : 1. Introduction 2. Constituents Of Man 3. Man : Haumai 4. Man : Maya 5. Man : Law Of Karma, Hukam And Grace 6. Man : His Functioning And Nature 7. Conclusion Chap. Iii : Man : His Relationship With Universe And God : 1. Introduction 2. Man And The Universe 3. Man : His Relation With God 4. Conclusion Chap. Iv : Man And Society : 1. Introduction 2. Background Leading To Sikh Concept Of Man And Society 3. Sikh Concept Of Man And Society 4. Conclusion Chap. V : Ideal And Its Attainment : 1. Ideal Of Human Life 2. Traditional Margas (Paths) For Attainment Of The Ideal And Their Evaluation 3. Guru's Marga : Nam Marga 4. Conclusion Chap. Vi : Concept Of Man : An Analysis : 1. Introduction 2. Constitution And Nature Of Man 3. Man : Universe And God 4. Man And Society 5. Ideal And Its Attainment 6. The Ideal Man 7. Conclusion
Subject(s) Sikhism
List Price9.95
Delivery Time 10-15 Days
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Author 'Lajwanti Lahori'
Subject 'Sikhism'

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