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John Steinbeck | Sushma Arya
the book should be a valuable contribution to the critical heritage on the novels and short stories of the leading american novelists during the period between the two world wars. staying clear of the post modernist controversies about the function of criticism, the book offers insightful analysisof the novelists major fictional narratives. showing how the american writer share ...
Year: 1999 | ISBN: 8175410426, 9788175410428 | Send Query
| List Price: 12.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Political Science,literature/language

The Earth Has No Corners | K.l. Nandan (Ed.)
the book is a felicitation volume to mark the 70th birthday of india’s “ universal man”, the poet prince philosopher politician, dr. karan singh, but it is much more than that. his personality and concerns have been used as a mirror by distinguished world celebrities to investigate the roots and traditions of mankind and look to its future. that makes the ear ...
Year: 2001 | ISBN: 8175410884, 9788175410886 | Send Query
| List Price: 23.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Literature/language,religion And Philosophy

Songs Of Rabindranath Tagore | Jadu Saha
in this book 102 of his most popular songs from all categories have been translated in the same end rhyme as in the original bengali. songs can not be translated from one language to another as songs; songs are specific to a people and its culture. these translations are to be enjoyed as lyrical poems. they all sing. the language is simple, the images are familiar but the thoug ...
Year: 2002 | ISBN: 8175411341, 9788175411340 | Send Query
| List Price: 7.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Literature/language

The Rgveda In The Indus Inscription | Madhusudan Mishra
if the archaelogical finds do not decide, if the astronomical facts are not to be believed, at least the language of the indus inscription, ultimately transiting into the vedic language, decisively proves the continuity of the indian civilisation from the beginning of the human history.
Year: 2003 | ISBN: 8175411422, 9788175411425 | Send Query
| List Price: 9.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Literature/language,religion And Philosophy,history/culture

The Indus Aryans And The Vedic Culture | Madhusudan Mishra
Year: 2004 | ISBN: 8175411570, 9788175411579 | Send Query
| List Price: 9.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Literature/language,religion And Philosophy,history/culture

A Sanskrit Grammar For Beginners (Hindi) | Madhusudan Mishra
Year: 2006 | ISBN: 8175413085, 9788175413085 | Send Query
Subjects: Literature/language,references

A Historical Vedic Grammar(Hindi) | Madhusudan Mishra
Year: 2006 | ISBN: 8175413093, 9788175413092 | Send Query
| List Price: 10.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Literature/language,hindi,references

Education, Literature And Islam | Akhtarul Wasey, Farhat Ehsas(Ed.) has become a process of transmission and reception, and the more smooth-working the machinery, the more satisfactory the results. consider the rich variety of methods...
Year: 2008 | ISBN: 8175413956, 9788175413955 | Send Query
| List Price: 16.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Education,literature/language,religion And Philosophy

Love And Wisdom | W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz
cultures, religions, ideologies, nationalities, particular interests: they all divide us. let us find a common ground. this is life itself.
Year: 2011 | ISBN: 8175414537, 9788175414532 | Send Query
| List Price: 6.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Literature/language,religion And Philosophy

Empowering Communication Skills | A.k. Sinha
“….empowering communication skills provides ample authoritative models from stellar anglophone writers and cleverly conceived exercises that should help dedicated students improve their communicative competence. this is a book that will be useful not only to indian students and professionals but also to their counterparts in the kachruvian ‘outer circle’ of english spea ...
Year: 2015 | ISBN: 817541815X, 9788175418158 | Send Query
| List Price: 21.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Education,m.ed/b.ed/diet/ett,literature/language

Sanskrit Vyakaran | Madhusudan Mishra
Year: 2008 | ISBN: 8183640354, 9788183640350 | Send Query
Subjects: Literature/language,hindi

Saratchandra Chattopadhyay's The New Arrangement | Jadu Saha (Translated By)
Year: 2008 | ISBN: 8183640362, 9788183640367 | Send Query
Subjects: Literature/language

Saratchandra Chattopadhyay Pointing The Path | Jadu Saha (Translated By)
Year: 2008 | ISBN: 8183640370, 9788183640374 | Send Query
Subjects: Literature/language

Saratchandra Chattopadhyay's Bindu's Son | Jadu Saha (Translated By)
Year: 2008 | ISBN: 8183640389, 9788183640381 | Send Query
Subjects: Literature/language

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