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History And Archaeology Of North-Eeast | Paromita Das
the book is an exhaustive study of the archaeology of guwahati from the 5th century the end of the pre-colonial period in assam. the history of the city is traced based primarily on itsmaterial remains, inscriptions, coins and sculptures. pragjyotispura was the ancient name of guwahati and it was the capital of the legendary naraka, thebuilder of the original kamakhya te ...
Year: 2007 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 9788173200, 9788173200718 | Send Query
| List Price: 59.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism, & Rock- Cuts ,ancient History

An Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Indian Culture | Narendra K. Das
in this dictionary are explained technical terms of ancient geography, religion, archaeology, architecture, astrology, epigraphy, linguistics, literature, mythology, philosophy, history, etc. for the benefit of scholars, students and general readers
Year: 2008 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8173200831, 9788173200830 | Send Query
| List Price: 43.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Hindusim Jainism,buddhism,art-Archtecture, Philosphy,sculpture, Ancient History, Archaeology, Indology

Women In Buddhist Art | Vinay Kuamr Rao
Year: 2012 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8173201269, 9788173201264 | Send Query
| List Price: 108.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism, & Sculpture ,,ancient History

Sramanadharma Vimarsa: Different Aspects Of Buddshim (In Honour Of Narayan Hemandas Samtani) | Dharamchandra Jain,lalji`shravak
Year: 2017 | ISBN: 9380852614, 9789380852614 | Language: Hindi,Sanskrit | Send Query
| List Price: 59.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Buddhism, Jainism

Hemachandra's Dvyasrayakavya: A Literary And Cultural Study | Satya Pal Narang
this work is an attempt to study various literary, historical, grammatical and cultural aspects of the dvyasrayakavya written by jain scholar acarya hemacandra 1088-1172 a.d. the dvyasrayakavya has a unique place not only in the history of grammatical poems of sanskrit literature but also for its historical value for the history of caulukyas of gujarat and for the cultural stud ...
Year: 1972 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 0000000000, 0000000000004 | Send Query
| List Price: 17.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism,sanskrit & Vedic Literature

The Heart Of Jainism | Sinclair Stevenson
jainism, the most fascinating and complex among the indian religions, offers an interesting field of enquiry for the scholar of comparative religions. originating as a heterodox sect in the sixth century bc, it has added considerably to the development of indian thought and culture while maintaining to this day its distinct identity and philosophy as a religion par excellence o ...
Year: 2013 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121501229, 9788121501224 | Send Query
| List Price: 31.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

Economic History Of The Deccan: From The First To The Sixth Century A.d. | Dipakranjan Das
the present work gives for the first time the most comprehensive account of the economic history of eastern and western deccan from c. i. a.d. to c. 600 a.d. spread over fifteen chapters, it throws fresh light on various topics related not only to the socioeconomic life of the region concerned but also to that of india in general. every observation is based upon a careful synth ...
Year: 1969 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121503701, 9788121503709 | Send Query
| List Price: 19.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: History, Culture & Politics,jainism

The Doctrine Of Liberation In Indian Religion: With Special Reference To Jainism | Muni Shivkumar, Foreword By L.m. Joshi
man\'s incessant efforts to apprehend the enigma of the final goal - salvation (moksa) - have tempted him to explore new vistas. this is yet another attempt to explore that incomprehensible truth. in his endeavour to understand and elucidate the various theories and philosophies of liberation, muni shivkumar has drawn on the philosophies of four important religions of the world ...
Year: 2000 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121504457, 9788121504454 | Send Query
| List Price: 17.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism,religion & Philosophy

Some Aspects Of Jainism In Eastern India | Pranabhananda Jash
the present volume is a detailed study of the history of some aspects of the jainas with an introductory note on the emergence of the parivrajaka sect in general and the jaina parivrajaka in particular in the context of the profound turmoil that has taken place in indian religious life and thought in the sixth-fifth centuries bc. it highlights the emergence of new trends of tho ...
Year: 1989 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121504511, 9788121504515 | Send Query
| List Price: 9.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

Gender And Salvation: Jaina Debates On The Spiritual Liberation Of Women | Padmanabh S. Jaini
among the living religious traditions of india, only that of the jainas includes a substantial number of women in the community of religious aspirants who renounce the household life and take the vows of mendicancy. this phenomenon might suggest that jaina women enjoy a status of religious and spiritual equality unparalleled elsewhere on the subcontinent, but even within the ja ...
Year: 1992 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121505534, 9788121505536 | Send Query
| List Price: 15.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

Jain Philosophy: Historical Outline | N.n. Bhattacharyya
jain philosophy : historical outline interprets the fundamentals of jain philosophy from the viewpoint of their historical genesis and development and shows that the incipient stage of the jain thought-complex agreed totally with the pythagorean approach to philosophy which was based on observed realities and was quite in harmony with the existing socio-political conditions of ...
Year: 1999 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121508878, 9788121508872 | Send Query
| List Price: 16.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

A Comprehensive History Of Jainism, 2 Vols | Asim Kumar Chatterjee
in this book an attempt has been made to write a comprehensive and connected account about jainism from 800 bc to the time of mughal emperor akbar. jainism is older than buddhism and first to protest against brahmanical hinduism, though most of the authorities on jainism were brahmins by birth and a few ksatriyas also took part in the propagation. parsvanatha, who was the real ...
Year: 2000 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121509300, 9788121509305 | Send Query
| List Price: 37.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

Economy Of Colonial Orissa 1866-1947 | J.k. Samal
the work provides a readable analysis of the economy of british orissa, princely orissa and hill tribes of orissa. the impact of colonial economy combined with the consequences of fragmentation of oriya-speaking areas brought about colossal change in the material condition of the people of orissa. the poverty and starvation had taken root among the common mass of orissa while a ...
Year: 2000 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121509718, 9788121509718 | Send Query
| List Price: 19.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: History, Culture & Politics,jainism

The Universe Of Acharya Sushil Muni: The Philosophy Of The World Religion | Acarya Dr, Sadhvi Sadhana, Foreword By Shri Shivraj V. Patil
acharya sushil muniji maharaj gave spiritual guidance to the humanity at large and inspired them to realize peace through nonviolence. he propagated religion for peace, fully conscious of the fact that peace and harmony were essential for the survival of mankind and its abode-the planet earth. the assiduous saint sushil muni founded world fellowship of religions in order to pro ...
Year: 2005 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121510910, 9788121510912 | Send Query
| List Price: 23.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

The Jaina Sources Of The History Of Ancient India (100 Bc-Ad 900) | Jyoti Prasad Jain
the contribution of the jaina sources to the making of the history of our great nation, during the epoch-making millennium of 100 bc to ad 900, is of vital importance. but it has only lacked proper research and application. this book presents a brief survey of the more important sources, particularly literary ones, and a discussion of certain fundamental problems such as the da ...
Year: 2005 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121511402, 9788121511407 | Send Query
| List Price: 16.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

Guide To Godhood: The Roadmap To Moksha (Based On Shramansutram) | Amit Jain
moksha—the state of godhood, is one of the most mystical concepts of the east. it means rise of an ordinary individual from the realms of manhood into the domain of godhood. it symbolizes the release of soul from the ever repeating cycle of birth and death and assimilation of the same into the souls of previously liberated beings, collectively referred to as “siddha.” thi ...
Year: 2014 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8121512638, 9788121512633 | Send Query
| List Price: 31.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism, Religion & Philosophy

Jainism (History Of Science, Philosophy And Culture In Indian Civilization, Vol. Vii, Part 10) | G.c. Pande (Ed.), Mukul Raj Mehta (Asso. Ed.) & D.p. Chattopadhyaya (Gen. Ed.)
the volumes of the project on the history of science, philososphy and culture in indian civilization aim at discovering the main aspects of india’s heritage and present them in an interrelated way. in spite of their unitary look, these volumes recognize the difference between the areas of material civilization and those of ideational culture. the project is not being executed ...
Year: 2013 | Binding: HB | ISBN: 8187586605, 9788187586609 | Send Query
| List Price: 86.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Jainism

Studies In Jaina History And Culture
Year: 2004 | ISBN: 0415360994, 9780415360999 | Send Query
| List Price: 129.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Religion / History, Religion / Jainism, Social Science / Ethnic Studies / General

The History Of Vegetarianism And Cow-Veneration In India | Ludwig Alsdorf
Year: 2010 | ISBN: 0415548241, 9780415548243 | Send Query
| List Price: 109.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Religion / Jainism, Social Science / Ethnic Studies / General

Jainism And Ethical Finance | Atul K. Shah, Aidan Rankin
Year: 2017 | ISBN: 1138648868, 9781138648869 | Send Query
| List Price: 109.95 Delivery Time:10-15 Days ...More
Subjects: Business & Economics / General, Business & Economics / Accounting / General, Business & Economics / Banks & Banking, Business & Economics / Business Ethics, Business & Economics / Corporate Finance, Business & Economics / Finance, Religion / Jainism

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